So many men complain about how women are picky when it comes to dating men. You may think that women want the perfect looks, intelligence, personality, and attitude from a man. You may wonder why you always meet these women who are so picky and uninterested in you. You may wonder why you cant find a woman who loves you for who you are. You may even wonder why women seem interested in you and then drop you moments later. You probably blame the women, but the common theme here seems to be YOU.

Im not trying to say that you are a reject amongst men, but I am saying that you need to take a closer look at yourself and figure out if there is an underlying problem in you that turns women off and makes them act undesirable around you.

For instance if you find that every woman you approach is bitchy, uninterested, or rude to you, then it may not be reasonable to blame the women. After all, you are the same variable ever time, and you may be the problem. Your approach may be creepy, pushy, boring, or awkward, and you quickly turn off women before you really get a chance to show them who you are.

But maybe you are a professional at making the first move and getting the number. Your problem is that you find the women who always turn out to be bitchy and rude on the date. Again, if this is a reoccurring problem then it may not be the women but your personality, or dating skills, instead.

Women are looking forward to a night of fun, laughter, positivity, and charm. If you are negative, rude, awkward, boring, or weird then you may turn off women the more you talk and socialize with them. They may realize that you are not for them half way through the date and quickly become irritated and want out of the date, which in turn makes them seem rude and cold towards you.

I once knew a guy who could charm any woman he met. He said the right things and did the right things to get women to agree to a date. He had that part down. But on the date he was cocky and his true viewpoint on women and their place in life would come out. He was a jerk, and women always were turned off by him on the date. But after he got rejected he blamed the women time and time again, and then he just added it to his reasons of why women are so beneath him. If he only had admitted the truth to himself (that he was a opinionated jerk) he wouldnt be a miserable and single forty-two year old right now.

So sit back and think of your judgements about women. Are you the common factor in all of the situations? Do you really think that every women out there is not a good woman, or is it possible that you are affecting these women in a negative way?

Bellaisa is the owner of Pleasure Her Tonight, a website for men with topics on common dating and relationship issues like how to make her laugh.