In my village, there was a man used to talk to himself and children would make fun of him. Apparently, he never cared to respond to any of the criticisms or laughs.


As I grew older, I got curious as to why people will have a conversation by themselves. One neighbor I had in Kenya used to wake up around four or five in morning and talk to himself. Instead of using the Luo dialect, he would speak very good English compared to his daily conversations. One day I gathered courage and asked his wife why her husband wakes up very early and talk to himself. She responded that an uncle of her husband drowned in the lake many years ago and his body was never recovered. She continued to mention that her husband will need to slaughter a sheep, throw it in the river to appease the dead uncle spirit. I was curious why her husband had to go through that and she reported that-that was the only way the spirit of the uncle (apparently speaks through him) will disappear.


Schizophrenia is a severe, lifelong brain disorder. According to Diagnostic Statistical Manual Four (DSM-IV) People who have it may have the presence of characteristic symptoms that involve a range of cognitive, emotional, social, occupational, language and behavioral dysfunctions. The active phase involves: affect, perception, impaired interpersonal functioning form of thought, sense of self, psychomotor, behavior changes, content of thought, difficulty speaking and expressing emotion, disorders of movement, problems with attention, memory and organization and volition. These people may hear voices, see things that are not there or believe that others are reading or controlling their minds.


Individuals with this disorder may develop significant loss of interest or pleasure. Likewise, some may develop mood abnormalities (for example, inappropriate smiling, laughing, or silly facial expressions, depression, anxiety or anger). Some of these people may stay up late and sleep longer into the day time. The individual may show a lack of interest in eating or may refuse food as a consequence of delusional beliefs. Often movement is abnormal (i.e., pacing, rocking, or apathetic immobility). Frequently there are significant cognitive impairments (i.e., poor concentration, poor memory, and impaired problem-solving ability). The majority of individuals with Schizophrenia are unaware that they have a psychotic illness. This poor insight is neurologically caused by illness, rather than simply being a coping behavior.


It is uncertain what causes schizophrenia, but genetic and brain chemistry probably plays a role. I have worked with three schizophrenic patients and the challenges continue until such a time that doctors will hopefully find a cure. Contrary to medical terms, in the Bible, these people were seen as demon possessed and Jesus on several occasions drove those demons out. For those who believe in God, prayer and exorcism is the first step, but seeking professional help is important. Good mental health everyone.


Betty Odak

We’ve all had one. That client who on a good day is not the easiest person to get along with! Managing them can drain your energy and make you cringe each time the phone rings!

But that is exactly what you need to be doing – managing them and all of your client relationships. Taking the lead in your client relationships places you in a proactive position and will even help you to anticipate even your most difficult client’s needs.

The key to a happy client relationship is being clear and in charge of how you are providing your services and then communicating exactly this to your client. You don’t need to provide them with every detail of how you run your business, just enough information to give them a sense of understanding so that the questions in their mind are answered.

How can you proactively manage even the most difficult client?

There are many ways clever ways you can manage your client so that they feel cared for and regard you and your business with trust and respect. Here are seven simple ways to get you started.

Routinely Check In With Your Client. Reach out to your client to say hello and check-in and see how they and their business are doing. Remember, to keep the call short and professional. The purpose of this call is to not follow-up on any missing information you may need from the client. It is purely a feel good call.

Plan Ahead. Make it a point to plan at least three months in advance for all of your client accounts. This will help you to anticipate their needs and place you in a proactive position. Be sure and discuss what is coming up for your client directly with them so that they gain the sense that you have their needs covered.

Create A Set Schedule for Client Work. Creating a set schedule for when work will be performed on each client account helps everyone involved with the account to relax and know when events are going to occur. This helps clients to know when to submit their information for processing and when the finished product will be returned to them.

Say What You Do and Do What You Say. If you tell your client you are going to do something and have it completed at a specific time, be sure that is what you are doing! Saying you will do one thing and then not delivering what you have promised creates distrust in the eyes of your client.

Ask for Feedback on Your Services and Listen to Your Client. This may be hard at first. I guarantee you that you will garner some very important information that will not only help you to improve your services, it will also help you forge a stronger working relationship with your client.

Send out a Quarterly Recap Report. Once a quarter, send your client a brief one-page overview recapping the events of the previous quarter and HOW you helped them. I cannot even begin to write about the many benefits you will reap from this recap report.

Share Your Successes With Your Clients. Everyone likes to hear good news and be associated with people who are successful. Be sure and share when you add someone to your staff or if you’ve added new technology to enhance the services you will be providing to your clients.

Remember, it’s that personal connection that matters most and will help you to create long-lasting client relationships.

Take some time today to think about how YOU can better manage your client relationships. Then chose at least one way to implement this month. Who knows, that grumpy client could become your biggest advocate!

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Get This Off My Chest Now is an ebook by the self styled ‘chest guru’ Trey Jones which claims to provide men with an effective system for burning chest fat and reducing their man boobs. It is one of the top selling gynecomastia products on the market. But does it live up to the hype?

Lets take a look.

First let me say few things about the sales pitch for this product, which is completely over done in my opinion. ‘Imagine how you’ll feel a month from now….you’re at the pool…your shirt is off’ it says. Now, I don’t care if you have the most amazing fat burning system in the world, anyone with man boobs big enough to worry about isn’t going to get rid of them in a month, and they definitely won’t be able to get rid of them in weeks like Jones later claims was the case with him.

Not without surgery or half starving yourself to death, that is.

These sorts of statements give people unreasonable expectations and Jones doesn’t help his credibility by making them.

Anyway, on to the actual ebook contents. The sales letter says Jones stumbled across on across his man boobs ‘method’ in some worn out, ancient paperback that he found in a small town library up in the mountains. Well, I would love to know what that secret actually was, because I’m afraid couldn’t find any new or remarkable information in The Chest Coach System.

All it seems to be is general, generic nutritional and fitness advice repackaged and remarketed as something else. If you’re someone who hasn’t already worked out that eating in McDonald’s every day is going to make your chest fat worse, then you could get some value out of the book.

If you’re some one who doesn’t realise that you need regular physical activity to help burn your fat reserves, then Get This Off My Chest Now may be for you.

But if you are someone who already understands the basics of healthy eating and exercise, and just needs to know the best and most efficient way of using that knowledge then I recommend you invest your money elsewhere.

There are plenty of excellent fat loss and fitness products out there, written by certified professionals, which provide step by step blueprints for eliminating ALL stubborn fat, including the fat that is causing your man boobs.

Do yourself a favour and check those products out.

Eddy Torres suffered from man boobs for many years until managing to eliminate them through a combination of exercise and simple lifestyle changes.

A Pile of Platitudes

You can never say that this is Jack Nicholson’s best role or that was his greatest movie. He does a masterful job in everything he does. He does his usual stupendous job when he portrays Jimmy Hoffa in a role about the famous labor leader.

As Jimmy Hoffa he has a scene where he is having trouble getting the words to match his emotions. He seems frustrated with a colleague and can’t quite locate the exact verbage he needs. The exact lines he uses escape me now but to paraphrase them he says ” Is that what we’re talking about here John, words? Is that what it comes down to, words? After all that we’ve been through, just words?”

Well, he pulls it off. While he is delivering these lines we all seem to have an understanding of what he means, even though we walk away a little confused. And if we were asked what exactly he meant by those lines we wouldn’t be able to verbalize it either. One explanation I have is that after all the years that he has dedicated to helping people improve their lives and putting his head on the chopping block, he’s hoping he can get more than a pile of platitudes. He is hoping and even expecting more than words or promises. He deserves a covenant. He is looking for commitment, passion or willingness to risk security, reputation and life itself. He has done this all of his life for the good of the little guy and so the next generation will breathe more freely.

Great men have great flaws and Jimmy Hoffa is the poster boy for that maxim but, you have to hand it to him for dedication and risk taking. One of his great flaws is expecting to find someone, anyone, co-worker, union leader, member, government worker, politician, anyone willing to exhibit more energy than talk. Someone who will stand with him shoulder to shoulder. Just one person willing to stand up against a world of sleaze and security and go along to get along. Now, I”m not holding him up as a model citizen but wouldn’t our country be a better place if more model citizens had the courage to use more than words. Are we really the land of the free and the home of the brave? Do we really have freedom of speech or is it limited to when we agree with the masses? Do we have lawmakers or survey takers? It is still a government for the people but is it a government of the people?

Now, I’m aware that living in society means that we cannot live like frontier warriors and that some freedoms must be compartmentalized. It just seems to me that many of us are too willing to surrender our freedoms our originality and our future growth for an alleged stability. The writing of this article has cause me much introspection. I plead guilty to many of the charges herewith. So I fervently hope that the next time I am asked for action and energy that I don’t respond with just words.

Ed Finn is a retired Marine Officer currently flying with American Airlines.

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Would you love to discover what men are really thinking and try to decipher male psychology? Did you ever wonder how your successful female friend finds relationships difficult with a man? Is there a man in your life and you’d just like to figure out what he wants? Sometimes, a woman can have everything going for her. She can be dependable, compassionate and competent but with men she doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing. In this article, we will attempt to decipher male psychology to figure out how successful women can go wrong and what men really want.

Some women appear to do everything right. They are considerate of their men, don’t play mind games, and don’t attempt to be something they’re not. They respect their partners, as well as the people around them. They’re available to answer calls and accepting when their partner changes a date.

However, her partner has begun acting detached. He rarely calls her. So, she tries that much harder. She calls him more often and buys things for him. Now, she is practically chasing him. She doesn’t know what she did wrong and why he doesn’t seem to want her. Her insecurities begin to emerge and she feels blameworthy yet she continues to persevere.

The hard thing to accept is that she is a great woman. She has all of the traits that will eventually make her a great companion. What she can’t accept and understand is that what worked in her career or in making friends doesn’t always work in a relationship. Guys really do appreciate a woman who is dependable and compassionate. However, when a man first starts dating a woman he essentially wants the opposite. The male psychology is that they want a mystery to solve as well as a challenge not a woman that shows she really likes him. Here are some steps that will help you attain that.

* Be cheerful. Don’t be too serious at the beginning of a relationship.

* Look and act sexy without being trashy. Less is more.

* At the beginning of a relationship it’s imperative to play hard to get.

* Although you want to, wait for the man to ask you out first. If the interest is there, he will.
* Don’t return his calls right away. You want to give the impression that you are desirable and not so easy to get a hold of.

By following these steps, you will soon have him eating out of your hand. It’s simple enough, if you just prevent a challenge to him. Male psychology dictates that men want a mystery and a prize to win. You just have to be that prize and make him fight for you.

Imagine what if you could make any man adore you, chase you, love you, and commit to you? Click Unforgettable Woman Advice and learn 77 Secrets that ninety percent of women have never heard. You have got to see this!

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Yes, You Need People Skills!

After thirty years in the painting business I’ve discovered being an accomplished painter, putting forth your best effort, and having the ability to paint well, is fine. If your plan is to simply work by yourself.

However, if your goal is owning and operating a successful, six-figure a year painting business as I do, providing a sought after service, you must communicate effectively and get along well with people from all walks of life. As a business owner, the responsibility to get along with customers, vendors and employees is all on you my friend. And, it requires good “people skills”

Business owners who possess great people skills or emotional intelligence have a huge advantage. Some painters would rather let their work speak for itself at best, or, are downright surly at their worst. If you haven’t been around a successful business owner before you may not be aware of this simple rule of the road: people do business with people they like. As an employer, people tend to go to work for (and keep working for) people they like. So, it pays to become a likable person. Become the kind of guy homeowners award the job to even if they know you’re not the lowest bidder. When they like you, they will have confidence in you and your ability to do a great job. If they like you and your work, they’ll be happy to recommend you to their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is. It doesn’t matter whether you employ four people or forty. The customer’s first impression of your company is formed based on how you present yourself. No one is born with great people skills. By being aware of your actions, your emotions and how you speak around others you’re headed in the right direction. Theodore Roosevelt said, “The most important ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get along with people.”

I’ve had many customers tell me after receiving all the bids to paint their home they were undecided as to which company to hire. They chose to hire my company because they liked the idea of working with someone who listened to their concerns and clearly explained their system for painting their home. It made them feel much more comfortable. They knew what to expect and felt good about working with me. Since what we do as painters is so visual create a positive picture of the results in the mind of the homeowner. It is vital to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly so your customer understands the process and the results they can expect.

Develop the unshakeable confidence in their mind that you can and will do a great job for your customers every time you’re about to land a new painting job. This means in your heart of hearts you know your services provide great value for the money. A mentor of mine used to say, “Terry, practice the future.” That means practice in your mind acting as if you already are that six-figure income painter. Step into the role of being a blue jeans executive. One whose confident – not arrogant – and the kind of great guy everyone enjoys sharing a beer with at the end of the day.

If you’ve never been around business owners you may not be aware how a highly successful, self-made business owner acts. My advice? Start watching them. Get to know them. You’ll discover in the vast majority of cases they’re some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Why? They had to develop great people skills to build their business up to where it is today.

The stereotypes on TV and in the movies are wrong. You know the ones where the business owner slams his fist on the desk, barking out orders while the veins on his neck bulge out. His employees scurry in fear to do his bidding. It’s a fiction created by Hollywood because it makes great drama.

Truth is most self-made business owners out there are great guys and gals who have perfected their people skills along with their business skills. Why? They had to build momentum and cash flow and great people skills can help your business immeasurably. Plus, it doesn’t cost a nickel in expensive advertising or marketing costs.

Don’t have a resentful, bitter attitude towards people who are successful. Choose to keep an open mind and learn from them instead. You’ll do your health a favor, too. You may strike up a friendship with a business owner and the result is you get their business and they also give you some helpful tips and pointers on doing business in your community. They may not know the painting business-but they may still have valuable words of wisdom to share.

Terry Begue is the owner of Begue Painting and author of the popular e-book, “The Wealthy House Painter’s Guide to Having it All.” He’s been a successful house painter for 30 years and enjoys helping others start their own successful painting businesses, too. Terry has been published in “Professional Painting Contractor” magazine in spring 2009 for his article “Recession Proof Your Business – Five ways to help your company thrive in a stumbling economy.”

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